Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 4

How is everything going back home?!  So far everything is going pretty good right here!  It is crazy because I am down to the last week and a half.  Its crazy how fast time flies.  I think at the beginning of my time here in the MTC was the slowest, but now the time just flies.  People here say " the days are months and the months are days"  and that really starts to apply here during my last couple of weeks.  Thanks for all the letters!  This week I actually got a lot of packages.  I have a picture of the single cinnamon roll Dean, Melissa, and comp. sent,  It is huge!  as a district we have received snacks out the wazooo!  I also got a box of Krispy Kreme donuts from Janice, Phil, and Matt.  We have been having food "parties" (as much as a party as it can be in the MTC) for the past couple of nights.  Pretty much the elders from the Zone come to our room and we just eat stuff and talk and laugh, its pretty fun!  My companion got some african food from home, its called Mandazi and it is pretty much a scone, that is really dense but tastes good.  Its really funny because the four elders in my room are funny, something funny will happen, and then Elder Habonimana will start laughing at it, then, Elder Slade and I start laughing at his laugh which is super loud, then he laughs at our laughs, and it just goes downhill from their.  We laughed for a half an hour straight a week or two ago.  I was so sore.
So we have had a progressing investigator the past couple of days, and that is coming along pretty good, we have taught a lot of stuff, and we got him to try to be baptized on the 21st of June, but we still need to work with him a lot.  He is a nice guy and we see him all the time around the campus.  So here, they have people that just walk around the campus and pretend to be investigators, but they want us to go up and talk to them about stuff and try to teach lessons, so we met one guy, and now we have a lesson with him on Saturday! It should be good, his name is Brian.
As for my visa, I haven't got it yet, but I'd be alright with just going stateside for a bit, I could end up in Tempe, which would be funny, or go to Alabama with Elder Habonimana, or just some other random place for a little bit, and I wouldn't have to worry about montezumas revenge for a bit longer.  Oh, and this past Sunday, we got a new branch president, which is sad because president Evens was super funny, we haven't really met the new president besides at the meeting where he was set apart.  Because we got a new presidency the president of the MTC came to our meeting, and then I was called on to talk.  So every week everyone has to prepare a talk, and then they pick you at random to give the talk.  It is in spanish, which is good, because the president of the MTC doesn't speak Spanish, so I didn't have to worry so much about it. 
Alright, I've got to finish up. Write lots!
           Love - Elder Carey

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