Monday, June 30, 2014

First week in Mexico

Hey Everyone!! 

So far Mexico has been good!  I had my first baptism last week!  in all honesty, I did nothing but teach part of the law of tithing, and fast offerings, but it was cool none the less!  He asked me to confirm him a member, which was great!  But I still can hardly speak Spanish.  I did it and it was great!  It was very tough, but the spirit was very strong. As for my companion, his name is Elder Rodriguez and he is from Pueblo, Mexico.  I like having a native companion so I always have to speak Spanish.  So far the language is coming good. Usually I'm not completely lost, but I don't talk that much, because everyone is talking about stuff I don't understand , or can't say.  But during gospel related discussions, I can usually pick up on what everyone is talking about, and sometimes I contribute.  Everyone says that my Spanish is good, which is good, but I can't wait till I can understand everyone.  Sometimes, when people look at me for questions and stuff, I just say si, and hope that it answers their question, and nod.  I think people think that I understand more than I do, but it is good.  The area I'm in is nice, and there are lots of members.  They feed us lunch every day.  Tortillas are with just about everything!  I've had tortillas and spaghetti twice this week.  The other day I had tortas ahogadas, which is just a drowned sandwich.  It was pretty good, you just take the sandwich and pour broth, or some type of chili on  top, and then pick it up with your bare hands and eat it!   As for other weird foods, 

I've had this meat, I'm not sure what it is, but it is just a fried slab of meat, and my companion said that it was some part of a cow, the second time I had it, I was pretty sure it was chicken. 
I don't have many pictures of what the area looks like, but all the houses have flat roofs, and that is where everyone keeps there dogs.  There are lemon and lime trees EVERYWHERE, along with stray dogs.  All the streets are either cobble, or paved, and sometimes a little bit of both.  With in my first week here, I have been in 2 or 3 big storms. They don't last very long, but they are very powerful.  Today (p day)  we went into the actual city, with tourists and stuff.  We ate at this burger place called cuarto kilo, which was way good!  All of the burgers had patty's that are a quarter kilo, I'm not sure how much that is in pounds but it was good.  Next we went to this ice cream place, were the ice cream is made by people just shaking it in buckets surrounded by ice.  It was pretty good!  Also, the zone leaders live just 5 minutes away from us, so we always eat lunch with them.  Its funny because just about everyone says "sauce" instead of crap, or snap.  There are a lot of weird phrases in the field, its like there is a second mission language that I need to learn also.  So far  everything is going good! good luck everyone!  See you in 2 years!

-Elder Carey

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